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Workshop DVDs contain ALL workshops EXCEPT Beginners, SILC®, fee-based Master classes, performance classes.

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Frequently asked questions below, please contact if you have any questions!

Delivery, how long does it take?

We aim to ship on the same day or next working day after order is received. You will receive a dispatched notification email from us. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery.

Christmas/New Year season, please order by 11th December. Orders place after this date will be handled on/after 11th January.

Do I need to sign to receive?

No, it goes through a letter plate on your door. No signature required.

Where is my DVD? I haven't received it yet!

We use Royal Mail First Class and it usually takes 1-2 days Some area might take up to 5 days to deliver.

Please contact if you haven’t received within a week.

DVD doesn't play at all, plays but skips, freezes or jumps!

DVD disc can be defective, please contact to get a replacement disc, free of charge, free delivery, of course.

DVD plays ok but teachers are off TV frames!

All DVD is PAL anamorphic widescreen, please check your TV and/or DVD player settings.

The top image shows cropped, the bottom shows how it should look like.

SILC® classes are not included?!?

Unfortunately no, requested by Ceroc®.

I'm a beginner, Beginners classes are not in the DVD?

Nope, Ceroc® sells Beginners DVD which includes all beginners moves and routines. It’s available to order at Ceroc® website, www.ceroc.com

I bought a 'New Moves DVD Vol 2' from Ceroc® and having an issue, can you help?

We only handle and support Ceroc® ESCAPE Weekender DVDs and London Ceroc® Champs DVDs.
Please contact Ceroc® for their DVDs. eg. Beginners, Classics, Intermediate, New Moves Vol 1&2, and Blues DVDs.

Looking for Generic Ceroc DVDs?

We produce Workshop/Champs DVDs for Ceroc®.

This site handles Ceroc® ESCAPE Weekender Workshop DVDs, LUX weekender DVDs and London Ceroc® Champs DVDs.

Please visit Ceroc® main website for their DVDs.

BLISS Camber 2016 Workshop DVD notice

We discovered some DISC 1 have a quality issue. Videos are pixelated/low-res, please compare to Disc 2. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us.
* Only DVDs purchased at Camber, BLISS 2016. Disc 2, Backorders and Online orders are not affected.