Norfolk 16 – 18 FEB 2018

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Welcome to Swish, Sync, Hot New Moves 1, One of a Kind, Switch It, Rumba, Quickstep, Blues Breaker, Groove the Blues, Taste of Tango, Liquid Links, WCS Beginners, WCS Improvers (cancelled), Show Stoppers, Salsa, Bachata, Baby Aerials, Beginners Swing, Centripetal Force, Drops to Dazzle, Luscious Latin, Introduction to Musicality, Footwork Frenzy, Lassoo’s and Whips, Stop and Go, Intro to Drops and Dips, Hot New Moves 2, Move Melding, Magetised, Stylised, Classic Redesign, The Next Step, ***Beginners 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

And Great Escapee competition, Freestyle footages. 2 DVD discs.

*** SWISH is the only event we include Beginners routines!